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Juraj Volcko

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I always saw my parents as very extraordinary and unique people and I appreciate the way they raised me. Mum is a very well-educated woman, highly organized and completes everything with great attention to detail. My dad is extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, great singer, actor and musician. He has always had his own style and stood out from the rest. These were great roots for me to have a creative but structured environment for me to grow up in. In 2002, I finished “Hotel Academy” high school in my home town, focused on hotel management and gastronomy. Starting from there, it has been a long journey and hard work that has brought me to live and travel different countries. Throughout that period, I gained experience working for some of the most globally recognised and interesting restaurant and bar concepts, being part of creating them as well as developing my own. I have always liked to be creative and my hard work ethic means, I have also kept some interesting personal projects going on the side.

I have a great passion for the hospitality industry as well as product development. It is an area of my expertise. Creative and original with the ability to see the big picture with expansive focus. I am a natural sales person and have been endorsed by many business professionals. However, It is important for me to believe in quality and uniqueness of the product or service. Over the years I have acquired an extensive list of contacts of current professionals, talented individuals, and companies. Some of the best and unique in their fields. Such contacts most of the times become personal connections too. I enjoy meeting new people, establishing relationships built on honesty, good communication, and creativity—attributes which I believe are necessary for building future working and personal relationships.

Great communication and relation building skills
Strong leadership skills/ability to lead complex projects
Decision making and willingness to take a risk
Positive thinking and working willingness
Project coordination and management
Ability to notice the opportunity
Concept development

I see myself continuing creative work, applying my peoples and project leadership skills, and hoping for further development of my talents, personality as well as sharing my expertise with others.

  • Zuma Restaurant
  • Hanami Restaurant
  • “Bar in” App
  • Nozu fusion bar
  • Tummy Yummy
  • Yuzu Restaurant

After completing work for many of London’s most exciting bars and restaurants, there was only one place for me to go. ZUMA is an internationally renowned and very successful restaurant which offers contemporary Japanese cuisine. Here I took in the concept to understand the roots of their success and what they were doing right.

London UK

In 2011, together with my work colleague, great chef and friend Karel Svec, I was head-hunted to open Hanami—a new Japanese fusion restaurant and cocktail bar in Oslo, Norway. We accepted this challenging offer as we were given a free hands to put our knowledge and expertise to use and prove to ourselves we could do it. Both bar and restaurant have gone from strength to strength and are now an established part of the cutting-edge restaurant scene currently emerging in Scandinavia.

Oslo Norway

“Bar In” inventory mobile application & desktop solution. In my career, I have had to go through the inventory process countless times. The beverage control process especially can be extremely time consuming and tedious. That gave me the first impulse to look deeper into the process and make a strategy plan beneficial for both users and us. I managed to get on board a close friend with a valuable asset. What we are doing is applying smart features and some breakthrough technology to the bar and restaurant business. Inventory, ordering and invoicing platforms, GP calculator. Whole planning of new extended version is complete, ready for development. The product still needs a name, having passed through various possibilities such as Bar Scanner, BackBar Scanner, and Bar In.

Oslo Norway

I was coordinating the process of brand development. Creating a set of the logo, wrapping paper, coffee cups, stickers, menu design, as well as participating in many other decisions in brand development and interior design.

Oslo Norway

I have developed the concept of tasty, healthy cold-pressed juices as a Tummy Yummy brand. It should have been part of a bigger food & beverage concept, but at the end, we have decided not to implemented juice part into the project. Most of the cold-pressed juices out there are not tasty at all but people drink them for their health benefits. I used years of my experience working with cocktails and food to make better combinations of flavours—perfecting recipes, achieving great balance as well as fun packaging—while keeping in mind particular health effects you get from each different juice. “Energy Booster” or “Anti Ageing” for example.

Oslo Norway

Early 2016, I opened Yuzu restaurant as a partner. Yuzu opened in a very prime location right beside the Royal castle. Restaurant with a sophisticated take on the Japanese style of informal eating and drinking. The idea was to explore as many flavors as possible through the dining experience. I took part in leading complex project, requiring different skills through out process of planing, building and running the place.

Oslo Norway

If you have learned about my work and myself, you can see an interesting collaboration, or if you need valuable advice or consulting for your own project, you can contact me by phone or email address.